About Us

About Us

We are the DAB Developer Group, helping foreign companies become successful in Mexico since 1967. Created in response to the necessity of the growing Maquiladora Industry to have available buildings and infrastructure to operate, for more than four decades, we have developed over 2.5 million square feet of building space, and have integrated our projects to many construction branches such as urban infrastructure, housing developments, shopping centers, schools, among others.

We have the most modern industrial complex throughout the Northwest of Mexico. In our industrial parks you will find land and first class facilities at competitive prices and strategically located. Choose from a large inventory of lots, some ready for immediate construction, available buildings, or built to specifications for lease or sale.

We are located in the State of Sonora in Mexico, specifically in the city of Nogales, which is long known as the best kept secret on the border due to its numerous advantages: great location near the west coast markets; by far the least congested border cross along the U.S.-Mexico border; excellent communication networks, including a medium size international airport only one hour North in Tucson Arizona; local international airports at both sides of the border; excellent roads; rail service and the latest technology in telecommunications. A labor force of over forty thousand already trained in many fields and with no union activity whatsoever; several technical schools and universities providing trained support personnel. In Nogales, you will find abundant utilities and infrastructure like paved and lighted streets, large private electric substations, private water systems, sewers and digital fiber optic lines. The park is well surrounded by established and emerging housing developments providing labor force within walking distance, a comprehensive conditions and restrictions agreement and users association.

We have sold more than 300 acres to fine companies such as Acco, Weiser Lock, Moen, Molex, Master Lock, Otis Elevators, among others satisfying customers.

We invite you to visit Nogales and experience the quality of our work.

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